RedditKit 1.0

reddit has always had a massive nerd audience. /r/programming has a subscriber base of nearly half a million, and there are countless other subreddits dedicated to the art of software development.

Despite the interest from developers, there has never been a lot of activity around reddit’s API (for those who don’t know Python, at least), especially not compared to the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

I’m thrilled to be able to finally show off RedditKit, a pair of libraries for communicating with the reddit API, available in Ruby and Objective-C.

Introducing RedditKit

RedditKit is a project designed to make working with reddit’s API as painless as possible. With well-documented and dead simple codebases, RedditKit takes a lot of the hard work out of building software around all that reddit has to offer.


  • Documentation. RedditKit’s libraries are completely documented and always up to date.
  • Error handling. Error messages from reddit’s API are often tricky to work with. RedditKit takes any errors and passes them to you in a consistent and straightforward manner.
  • API coverage. RedditKit covers as much of the API as possible, giving you access to everything from multireddits to wiki editing.

The Libraries


The Objective-C component of RedditKit is built atop AFNetworking 2 and Mantle. It is available on iOS 7.0+ and Mac OS X 10.9+.

You can get detailed installation instructions, sample code, and more from its repository on GitHub.


RedditKit.rb uses Faraday under the hood, allowing you to add your own middleware to modify requests and reponses as needed. Ruby 1.9.3 and above are supported.

For more, check out the project’s GitHub repository.

Try RedditKit

Let me know what you think about RedditKit either via Twitter or email.